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Automated teleconferencing is an easy, economical way to meet with two or more remote parties. At 12.0¢ per minute per line it's a great value. It's easy, too. Your toll-free dial-in number never changes and you can personalize your entry codes. Our automated teleconferencing service is always ready -- you never need to make reservations.

For special events, we also offer operator-assisted teleconferencing starting at 29.0¢ per minute.

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Web Conferencing

Our easy-to-use web conferencing is perfect for team collaboration, sales presentations and training sessions -- any time you want to add a visual dimension to your teleconferencing. It's priced way below WebEx and LiveMeeting. For just 15.0¢ per minute per connection you can show PowerPoint slides or share any application with your audience. Use web conferencing alone or as a supplement to teleconferencing.

Web conferencing -- it is the practical alternative to being there.

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Turnkey Webinars

A Webinar lets you reach out to large groups of remote customers, prospects and employees at a fraction of the cost of meeting in person. Our unique Event Manager provides everything you need to promote your webinar, register attendees, send reminder emails, and follow-up with your attendees.

A free companion to our web conferencing and teleconferencing services - our unique webinar tools make it easy to reach busy decision makers cost effectively.

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Attend our free webinar, Introduction to Web Conferencing. For details, click here.