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Teleconferencing Etiquette Tips

  • Make sure you are in a quiet location where you will not be disturbed

  • Use appropriate equipment:

    • If possible, always use a phone with a handset that is hard-wired into the phone lines. Be sure to test the working condition of your equipment before an important meeting!
    • Cellular or cordless phones are more likely to cause static or other distracting noise that they pick up on the airwaves.
    • Speakerphones pick up lots of background noise, and sometimes cause "clipping" because of the limitations of the equipment. If you are using a speakerphone, try to find one that is "full digital duplex"--this will allow all parties to speak at the same time with no clipping. And if no one in your room needs to speak, use the "Mute" button on the phone to prevent background noise from disrupting the meeting. When someone needs to speak, simply release the "Mute".
  • Turn off your call waiting

    Some of our conferences are set to play a tone as an announcement of a new person entering the conference. If your line starts beeping with call waiting, it can be very confusing and disrupting to the meeting! Most call-waiting features can be deactivated by dialing 70# before dialing. Check with your local phone service provider if you are unsure how to deactivate this function on your phone.

  • Be on time or early!

    It is especially helpful for the host or chairperson of the call to arrive a few minutes early to greet each of the participants, and let them know whether everyone is ready to start yet. Your presence in these opening minutes will also help you head off any premature discussions the participants might begin before you're ready!

  • Introduce yourself when you begin speaking

    Others may not know your voice!

  • Don't put your phone on HOLD to do something else

    Your hold music will play into the conference call, and make it impossible for the other participants to continue the meeting in your absence!
    Tip: When you are using a Personal Conference Room, you may use the *6 function to mute your individual line and avoid playing hold music; into the conference. (Remember to un-mute yourself when you come back!)

  • Try to stay on schedule

    Stick to the minutes per topic laid out in your agenda, and be respectful of others' time

  • End the call clearly

    Make sure all the participants know that that meeting is formally over, and stay on the line to ensure that everyone hangs up. If they stay on the call, it will show up on your bill!
    Tip: If you are the chairperson in a Personal Conference Room, you may dial '99' to terminate all connections to the conference.