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Quick Start Tips

If you are new to MeetingBridge, this page can help you get started with any of the following topics. Some links require that you be logged in to your account. If you do not have an account with MeetingBridge, open one today. Click here.

Automated Teleconferencing

An automated teleconference is the most economical way to get three or more remote parties into the same telephone conference.

To make an automated conference call

  1. Invite the Participants. Provide your participants with the date and time of the meeting and give them the Participant Entry Code and one of the following Access Numbers:
    • US & Canada,  866.640.xxxx (Toll Free)
    • International, 678.302.xxxx
      Login to reveal access numbers.

    Your entry codes are listed in the 'My Personal Conference Rooms' table on your My Account page. For some help sending an accurate invitation, visit Invite Participants.

  2. Dial in. At the appointed time, you and your participants will dial one of the Access Numbers to reach MeetingBridge. An automated operator will prompt for an 'Entry Code'. Your participants will enter the 'Participant's Entry Code' that you provided them. You will enter the 'Chair Entry Code' which grants access to touch-tone commands that you can use to control the meeting.

    Conduct the conference. When your participants have joined, begin your conference. If you need help during the conference, you may dial *0 [star-zero] to summon an operator. Refer to your Chairperson's Reference for other useful touch tone commands that you and your participants can use during the conference.

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To conference with international parties

The toll free access number does not work outside of US and Canada. You have three options for connecting international parties to your automated teleconference.

  • International Party Dials In. Your international party can dial  +1 678-302-xxxx and then use the Participant Entry Code to join the teleconference. In this case, MeetingBridge will bill you for use of our conference bridge and your international party would be responsbile to their long distance carrier for the international toll charge.
    Note: International callers must dial their country's International Direct Dialing (IDD) Prefix. For instance callers from the United Kingdom would dial 00 1 678 3020 xxxx. (You can normally rely on your international callers to know their country's IDD).
  • Chair Dials Out. You can use touch tone commands to dial out to your international party. See Dialing Out on your Chairperson's Reference for instructions. MeetingBridge will bill you the international rate for your party's destination. See International Dial-out Rates.

  • MeetingBridge Operator Dials Out. You can dial *0 [star-zero] and ask our operator to dial out for you. Our operators will provide this service at no charge between 8am and 8pm Eastern. MeetingBridge International Rates apply. See International Dial-out Rates.

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To record an automated teleconference

You can use touch tone commands to record your teleconference so participants who were unable to attend the live session can dial in to a playback. You can even arrange to receive a download of your recording so that you can post the recording on your web site. Recording is free. The per-minute dial-in playback rates are the same as your regular automated teleconferencing dial in rate. For details visit Recording and Playback.

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To make reservations for an Operator-assisted call

  1. Visit Operator-Assisted Teleconferencing.

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Web Conferencing

Use MeetingBridge Web Conferencing, to show a PowerPoint presentation to a remote audience, collaborate with distant parties or provide technical support to off-site users. W eb conferencing is the perfect complement to an audio teleconference.

There is no charge for Web Conferencing unless attendees join your session, so feel free to open MeetingBridge Web Conferencing, publish a PowerPoint presentation and play with the controls. It is a great way to get familiar with the tool.

To start web conferencing

  1. Use the Host a Web Conference link on your My Account page to access the Web Conference login page.
  2. Enter your Chair Code, Participant Code and Name and then click on 'Login'. (Your Chair Code and Participant Code are listed in My Personal Conference Rooms table on your My Account page.)
  3. When MeetingBridge Web Conferencing opens, review the intuitive tool bar at the top of your browser. Click on the icons in the toolbar and follow the step-by-step instructions. You'll be up the learning curve and ready to host your first conference in minutes.

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To publish a PowerPoint presentation

  1. Create the PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Follow the instructions above To start web conferencing and click on the Publish icon () on the tool bar at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Browse button on Publish Document dialog and locate the PowerPoint document that you created in Step 1.
  4. Click the Publish Document button. Your presentation will be uploaded to the MeetingBridge server and converted into a HTML format for presentation over the internet.
  5. Use the Prev and Next buttons to review your presentation.

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To conduct a Web Conference

  1. Prepare your participants. Provide your participants with the date and time of the meeting and give them instructions for joining your session:
    1. Browse to and click on the 'Join a Web Conference' button in the upper right corner of the page
    2. Enter the Participant Code and the other required information in the 'Join a Conference' form.
    3. Click 'Join' to join.
  2. Start the session. Follow the "To start web conferencing" instructions above and click the Start button on the toolbar at the top of the page.

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Our Event Manager provides everything you need to promote your webinar, register attendees, send reminder emails, and follow-up with your attendees.

To open the Event Manager help pages, click here.

To set up a webinar in the Event Manager

  1. Click on the Event Manager link on your My Account page to open the Event Manager.
  2. Contact a MeetingBridge Event Specialist at (888) 723-1200 Option 4 or refer to the Getting Started topic in the Event Manager Help for more information.

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