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Recommended Providers

MeetingBridge has developed relationships with a number of organizations that provide equipment and services to help promote and execute conferences and webinars. Some of these organizations are highlighted below:


Constant Contact® makes it easy to create and deliver professional email campaigns. Constant Contact is a perfect complement to our event management tools. Simply include the link to your webinar landing page in the marketing email delivered by Constant Contact.

Constant Contact has tools to report opens, click thrus and opt outs. MeetingBridge tracks the registrants and attendees. Your sales force closes the business. You then have complete control over the marketing and sales cycle and can dramatically reduce your customer acquisition costs.

ProPoint Graphics specializes exclusively in Flash and PowerPoint presentations for both special projects and ongoing outsourcing. ProPoint Graphics delivers superior presentations quickly and cost-effectively. The company serves clients of all sizes and industries throughout the country including ADP, Citigroup, Showtime, Royal Caribbean International, and EarthLink. To get started with a price estimate, click here

TRAININGCONSORTIUM provides a free global database of trainers, consultants and speakers to find individuals who provide education and training, management and professional development, technical and computer training, or organizational development. Look for industry experts, business consultants or keynote speakers to compliment your next webinar.

TEN Audio Visual is an independent and impartial e-communications supplier and integrator of audio visual, video conferencing and audio conferencing equipment. Now you can hold your regular videoconferencing meeting at the touch of a single button or have the room environment adjusted automatically during your presentation.