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User Guides - Teleconferencing

User Guides -- Web Conferencing and Webinars

Typical Uses -- Teleconferences and Web Conferences

Teleconferencing can provide a cost effective alternative for many types of meetings. Add a web conference to your call any time a visual dimension is needed. This area focuses on the more common applications and highlights some features offered by MeetingBridge that can help ensure a successful meeting.

  • Client Meetings
    Describes conferencing uses in the professional services industry with particular emphasis on the legal profession.

  • Sales Meetings
    Outlines the benefits of using teleconferencing to manage the sales function.

  • Board of Directors Meetings
    Describes the benefits of using teleconferencing in lieu of or as part of board meetings along with some of the special features that may be applicable.

  • Operations Meetings
    Provides some suggestions of types of routine operating meetings that may be more effectively accomplished or supplemented by teleconferencing.

  • Investor Relations Meetings
    Describes how teleconferencing can be used as a tool to improve communications with analysts, shareholders and the investing public.

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