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Board of Directors Meetings

Use teleconferencing to address issues quickly by bringing board members together in a quick, convenient manner.

Conference calls connect board members without the costs, time and scheduling nightmares typically associated with travel. Meetings can be shorter and to the point -- benefiting everyone. .


  • Toll-free access allows board members to join conferences from any location.
  • Assistants can dial-out to key executives to ensure attendance. Alternatively, MeetingCenter operators can assist in connecting all parties to a call.
  • Once all participants have been connected, the call can be 'locked' to ensure privacy.
  • Meetings can be scheduled with only a few hours notice, instead of the weeks required to coordinate travel.


  • Set up separate conference rooms for standing committees like the audit and compensation committees. In this way, the committee chairs can conference as often as they need.
  • Digital recording of sessions is useful to allow members, not present during the call, to later listen to the meeting verbatim. A digital recording of the session is also useful as a handy reference for the preparation of minutes after the call.
  • Private voting or polling via touch-tone (MeetingCenter only)
  • Outbound messaging, or pre notification is available to deliver meeting reminders to all participants (MeetingCenter only)