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Client Meetings

Even when torn between depositions, court appearances and meetings, stay connected with easy to use, flexible teleconference services.

An automated teleconference is ideal for routine client meetings and document review sessions. Each attorney can establish his or her own Personal Conference Room which provides the freedom and flexibility to arrange client meetings as the need arises. Each Personal Conference Room is automatically tracked for usage so the charges can be properly allocated. Further, a client charge code can be entered on each call so all costs can be billed to the correct client.

For particularly sensitive meetings, consider an operator-assisted teleconference. Each conference is reserved individually to provide an extra measure of security to each session. MeetingBridge operators can help provide a professional touch and accommodate participants who have particularly tight schedules or other special needs.

Legal Applications for Teleconferencing

  • Document review sessions
  • Arbitration
  • Pre-trial Hearings
  • Depositions
  • Client Meetings
  • Expert Interviews
  • Mediation


  • 24x7 availability for every attorney in the firm
  • Toll-free access allows participants to join conferences from any location
  • Permanent entry codes can be assigned to clients or cases for convenient access and accurate billing
  • Dial-out options are available to contact important participants
  • Detailed call reporting by attorney and/or client for accurate and timely billing


  • Digital recording of sessions
  • Roll call, entry tones and call lock features provide tight security
  • Broadcast fax services are available to distribute documents