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Finance and Administration

With today’s increased focus on corporate governance and accurate financial reporting, it’s more important than ever for finance organizations to communicate regularly with remote colleagues, auditors, investors, financial institutions, and executive management. Webinars gives finance professionals the forum and the tools to converse and collaborate more fully. Rally your entire organization and implement new strategies without incurring travel, venue, or hotel costs.

Use virtual meetings to connect with your staff and supporting professionals.

Well informed staff contributes to the overall success of any organization. Use virtual meetings to help communicate strategy and tactics to keep the organization pulling in the same direction. Regional management can more easily share information among peers and with headquarters. Let decision-makers and project leaders deliver key messages directly to the employee population. All personnel can log in from anywhere to hear and see first-hand updates, receive crucial information, and be part of important decision-making processes.


  • Monthly reviews of results of operations
  • Quarterly earnings reports
  • Compliance with new rules and regulations
  • Facilitate budget reviews
  • Sessions to supplement press releases
  • Explain significant business developments


  • Easy access allows more frequent reviews of distant operations
  • Remote locations can show information to headquarters and visa versa
  • Permanent Entry Codes do not change so it is not necessary to distribute join instructions before each meeting.


  • Conference Call Roster gives a quick roll call of who is at the meeting
  • PIN code open can insure complete security on the call
  • Invitation/RSVP feature ensures proper instructions are sent and key people will be in attendance
  • Presenter Mode mutes all lines, allowing for uninterrupted announcements
  • Control can be passed so each participant can share materials on their desktops.