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Human Resources

Providing assistance to employees is one of human resources most important responsibilities. With Webinars, human resource organizations can make better use of their own resources while supporting employee needs on a national and even global basis.

Use virtual meetings to connect with your staff.

Well informed staff contributes to the overall success of any organization. Use virtual meetings to help communicate strategy and tactics to keep the organization pulling in the same direction. Let decision-makers and project leaders deliver key messages directly to the employee population. All personnel can log in from anywhere to hear and see first-hand updates, receive crucial information, and be part of important decision-making processes.


  • Explain new policies and procedures
  • Rollout new benefit plans or changes
  • Employee resolution techniques
  • Facilitate new employee orientation
  • Review new compensation plans
  • Explain significant business developments


  • Easy access allows participants to join conferences from any location.
  • Important players can quickly join when time is short or distance is a factor.
  • A registration process allows you to know participation levels in advance.
  • Record sessions for later playback for those who could not attend the live sessions.


  • Conference Call Roster gives a quick roll call of who is at the meeting.
  • Use breakout sessions to discuss issues in smaller groups.
  • Play videos or audio tapes of key materials.
  • Conduct interactive polls to obtain quick feedback to ideas.
  • Presenter Mode mutes all lines, allowing for uninterrupted announcements
  • Control can be passed so each participant can share materials on their desktops.