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On any given day, marketing professionals is required to interact closely with outside experts, field sales personnel, product development teams, business partners, media, and industry analysts. Webinars give marketing teams a way to make these collaborations more productive while saving valuable time and resources.

Use virtual meetings to collaborate during the entire marketing process

Using an online seminar to launch new products and initiatives to a widely distributed marketplace measurably faster than traditional methods. Virtual events let you stretch your marketing dollars, delivering high-impact communications at a lower cost. Develop new markets by presenting to customers too geographically dispersed or distant to reach with traditional communications.


  • Launch new products
  • Collaborate over collateral materials
  • Share new applications
  • Improve channel communications
  • Announce new promotions
  • Demonstrate new features


  • Stay in touch with your market more often and cost efficiently.
  • Enables you to deliver specific messages to each vertical market.
  • Gather specific research information during registration for later follow-up.
  • Low variable cost, low barrier to attendance and easy delivery.
  • Show and discuss commercials, artwork or copy with a remote group of professionals.


  • Easy to set up branded landing pages and custom registration process for large events.
  • Custom survey questionnaires with online data access.
  • Roster shows who is at the meeting.
  • Play videos or audio tapes to deliver your message.
  • Conduct interactive polls to obtain quick feedback to ideas.