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No business can function smoothly without a well-informed, well-connected operations team. Marketing, sales, engineering, production, operations, and customer and technical support need frequently collaborate to stay ahead of a constantly changing competitive marketplace. Webinars give operations managers a powerful tool both to facilitate regular online meetings and reviews, and to address emergency situations.

Use virtual meetings to improve the efficiency and productivity of your operations

Important decisions are being made every day 'in the trenches'. When decision-makers and project leaders are on the road or in remote locations, webinars can help make sure everything is running smoothly. Operations personnel can log in from anywhere to hear and see first-hand updates, deliver crucial information, and be part of important decision-making processes.


  • Weekly staff meetings
  • Project reviews
  • Customer trouble resolution
  • Interdepartmental coordination
  • Development review
  • Financial review meetings


  • Easy access allows participants to join conferences from any location
  • Important players can quickly join when time is short or distance is a factor
  • Permanent Entry Codes do not change so it is not necessary to distribute join instructions before each meeting.


  • Conference Call Roster gives a quick roll call of who is at the meeting
  • Invitation/RSVP feature ensures proper instructions are sent and key people will be in attendance
  • Individual line muting allows traveling team members to mute out background noise
  • Presenter Mode mutes all lines, allowing for uninterrupted announcements
  • Polling is readily available for a quick show of "Hands"
  • Control can be passed so each participant can share materials on their desktops.