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Webinars can greatly improve sales performance at all phases of the sales cycle including lead generation campaigns, remote sales presentations and sessions to expand revenue from your existing customer base. Virtual events save time, venue costs and travel expenses; and are more convenient to conduct/attend than in-person meetings. They enable you to greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire sales force.

Use virtual meetings to support all activities throughout the entire sales cycle

Virtual meetings are as simple as a phone call. Instead of just talking to a prospect on the phone, deliver your sales presentation on the spot. Conducting virtual sales presentations not only saves the time and cost of a physical visit, but more importantly, your sales people are able to deliver a presentation when the prospect is unable to meet in person.

Branded lead generation seminars are an ideal way to deliver your message to a highly qualified group of prospects using your best sales people on a variable cost basis. Virtual meetings are easy to give and easy to attend. Prospects can view to your presentation from the comfort of their desk without losing time to travel.


  • Feed the sales pipeline
  • Review activity levels weekly
  • Motivation Meetings
  • Improve sales skills, product knowledge and competitive positioning.
  • Conduct virtual sales presentations
  • Inform your customers of the latest developments
  • Account Planning
  • Goal/Contest Updates


  • Touch your existing customers more often and cost efficiently.
  • Low variable cost, low barrier to attendance and easy delivery.
  • An interactive forum allows discussion from all team members.
  • Feed the sales pipeline at a lower cost per lead.
  • Target the highest qualified prospects by gathering key information during registration.
  • Improve sales performance with more frequent training to develop sales skills, product knowledge and competitive awareness.
  • Share information from manager to rep, across sales teams, field to headquarters and visa versa.


  • Invite prospects on the spot.
  • Roster shows who is at the meeting.
  • Play videos or audio tapes to deliver your message.
  • Conduct interactive polls to obtain quick feedback to ideas.
  • Easy to set up branded landing pages and custom registration process for large events.
  • Charges for each conference are based on actual usage, so short calls have small bills.