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Effective training programs are essential to delivering value, improving productivity, strengthening competitiveness, and ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Webinars give you a smarter way to conduct all forms of training – conveniently, globally, and affordably. Take advantage of your best presenters and thought-leaders anytime you need them, without juggling schedules or incurring travel, venue, and administrative costs.

Use virtual meetings to supplement or replace your existing training programs.

Webinars are powerful tools for your presenters and a convenient venue for your audience. Webinars eliminate the need to travel and deliver the contents directly to the attendees desktop. They allow you to gather an audience of time strapped busy executives and managers. You can provide your training sessions free of charge or collect a fee.

Use webinars to provide customer training to demonstrate or use your products or enhancements. Keep your technicians current in your latest troubleshooting techniques and fixes. Conduct comparisons to your competition illustrating your advantages and their weaknesses. Improve managers skills in handling the day to day issues dealing with a diverse and geographically separated workforce. Enhance the selling skills, product knowledge and competitive understanding of your sales force and distribution channel. Explain and interpret the impact of new laws or regulations affecting your business.

Training Applications

  • Customer
  • Technical
  • Product
  • Human resources
  • Sales Skills
  • Regulatory or continuing education


  • Easy access allows participants to join conferences from any location.
  • A registration process allows you to know participation levels in advance.
  • Low variable cost, low barrier to attendance and easy delivery.
  • Record sessions for later playback for those who could not attend the live sessions.


  • Conference Call Roster gives a quick roll call of who is at the meeting.
  • Use breakout sessions to discuss issues in smaller groups.
  • Play videos or audio tapes of key materials.
  • Conduct interactive polls to obtain quick feedback to ideas.
  • Control can be passed so each participant can share materials on their desktops.
  • Easy to set up branded registration process for each course or training session.