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Important Notice


Effective April 1, our ad hoc web conferencing tool will no longer be available. Popular browsers have tightened security settings making it difficult for participants to join sessions. Our web conferencing provider concluded that the product is no longer viable and is pulling it from the market.

We continue to offer web conferencing through the MeetingBridge Event Manager. The Event Manager was designed for large formal events, but it can easily accommodate small informal sessions. Web conferencing available within our Event Manager is more advanced and more reliable than our ad hoc tool. It is available at the same price.

We will conduct webinars to aquaint our customers with the Event Manager. If you are interested in attending, please click here to register for a session that fits your schedule. To review the presentation that we will cover during these webinars please click here.

We understand that change can be painful, especially on short notice. We are confident that we can continue to serve your web conferencing needs through our Event Manager.

MeetingBridge Support
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