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Web Conferencing

Experts say that combining visual messages with verbal communication increases retention up to five-fold. MeetingBridge Web Conferencing adds a visual dimension to your conference call at a fraction of the cost of WebEx or Placeware. MeetingBridge provides all the features you need for web conferencing in a simple, practical user interface.

Your web conferencing codes are activated when you register at MeetingBridge. To host a web conference just tell the participants when to meet and give them the web address and the Participant Code. Participants can attend your presentation with just an internet connection and a browser.

Here are just a few features:

  • Audience friendly
    There is no application software to load. Our web conferencing service is "fire-wall friendly" which means that just about anyone who can browse the internet can attend your web conference..
  • Easy PowerPoint® Presentations
    Our publishing tool makes your PowerPoint presentation available in an internet-efficient format. Even participants with dial-up connections will be able to follow along as you flip through your slides.
  • Secure communications
    We use encrypted communications to ensure that your web conference is secure. Only individuals to whom you give the Participant Code can attend your session. You have complete control of the web conference. When you conclude your session, you may remove your documents from the server.
  • Effective desktop demonstrations
    Our 'Share' feature lets your audience see what is happening on your computer. It's ideal for software demonstrations and web tours. Use it with your audience to review the details of a complex spreadsheet or to interactively edit an important document.
  • Integrated with our teleconferencing service
    Chairpeople and participants use the same entry codes for MeetingBridge web conferencing as they do for our teleconferencing. Our convenient invitation feature gives your participants instructions for attending a teleconference, a web conference or both.
  • Ready when you are
    Start your web conference and ask your guests to go to, enter the Participant Code and click 'Login'. That all there is to it!

To find out more, attend our free web conference, Introduction to MeetingBridge and Web Conferencing. For details, click here.